1  Misprint in Spanish
2 As Anthony Powell would put it, “Books do furnish a room...”

Lamp – Paper and glue.

(Santoka Taneda) Breaking the dead branches, / Thinking of nothing. (Tr. by John Stevens)

The snap of dried twigs, / not a thought in my head. 
(Tr. by James Abrams)

GOMA emerges from the attitude suggested by the verses of Santoka. The practice of cutting and pasting pieces of paper while thinking of nothing. Not a thought in my head. The mechanism is simple. The light emerges from one of the two paper planes and the adjacent one contains and reflects it. By some kind of mystery, the sum of the side measurements equal 46, the same number of Benito Perez Galdos’ national episodes.

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From / To
Side Table / Shelf – Paper and water
From paper to book. From book to shelf. From shelf to table. From table to pulp. From pulp to paper, back to book.An informal essay on making small furniture with paper board translates into a series of side tables / shelves conceived to host all those books in a semi-permanent state of transit within the home.
Made from 100% recycled paper and water, therefore 100% recyclable themselves.

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Untitled 2019 ©

Make visible whats invisible from a book by defining whats necesary to read it. An ode to space, to emptiness, to the void.

Reprint a book by only showing the spaces between words. The original book copied is 1984 form George Orwell

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Magazine Rack – Steel, rope and latex

After a sudden turn of the head, your look freezes upon a drab black rope, with its tension and lightness, barely levitating from a ring on the ceiling. Your eyes descend slowly until discovering the crossing of chrome and black latex. Swinging on a slick and perfect circumference, two wings, two bodies open. For an instant, there is no distinction between beauty and obscenity. You reveal a more animalistic and brutal yet delicate desire. The simple fetish of possesing a magazine. Past this moment, after a wink, your eyes return to the magazine rack that is levitating in the corner of the room.

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The tongue is holy
Bench – Fiberglass, resin, gold, pigment and mortar stones.

A naked anthropomorphic figure lays suggesting to be domesticated, to be sat on.
Extricated, fallen from the vaults, did it belong to something bigger? Did it resurrect and emerged from ground? Could it be going through metamorphosis?
Has it been stripped off from its flesh and blood and left out with a sacred infinitude of nothingness?
Perhaps it belongs to the sky. Perhaps it is better than we are.

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Cock duster and step stool cleaning kit – Delrin and cock feathers

The cleaning kit is formed by two objects, a duster and step stool.

The duster is an homage to the useless. In its moments of glory, it is resolving the result of something else’s uselessness (dust). The kit is designed to help people arrive at those high bookshelves, filled with books that haven’t been read in ages. Its plush rooster feathers allow for a classy clean of all that dust. The step-stool when inverted also affords the uses of a vase, just in case.

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In timber engineering the joist hangers function as a shaped metal component, used for joining beams. These metal connectors are the inspiration for Screwed: a series of wall shelves made from a single bent stainless steel sheet.

www.oficinapenades.com            IG: @jorgepenades 


Mass lectern – Compressed, recycled & expanded polyurethane, coated with polyester and
car paint.

Much like an ancient stone lectern would be, polyurethane is carved then composed, respecting its imperfect structure. A consistent intention of reusing
industrial materials in the same manner as natural ones prevails. In this piece, the solid base upholds the more elaborated bookstand, allowing the writte words to connect to our grounding.

8 www.sararegal.com            IG: @sararegalalonso 

Bookmark – Glass and rubber bands

Hiruki is a variable system of flat glass shapes and elastic bands that can be configured in different manners, generating multiple random angles and chromatic
combinations. The same physical law acts in different variants in which the dialogu and struggle between elasticity and rigidity ends up defining the current appearance of each piece. A balance between stability and a possibility of falling and breaking warns of our irruption in this dialogue between two materials.

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